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Dinycon Sistemas together with the Behobia SS counts 25.519 runners thanks to DinyCONT

For another year and for the sixth year running, the Behobia SS 2016 has counted on the collaboration of Dinycon Sistemas as an innovative technological partner to help the organisation in terms of security and crowds, by means of people counting.

With the installation of innovative stereoscopic people counting and crowd control sensors, the organisers have been provided with the exact number of runners crossing the finish line at 15-minute intervals.

In this way, it has been observed that the stretch where the most runners crossed the finish line was from 12:45h to 13:00h, with 3,089 runners reaching the end of the course, located on the Boulevard Donostiarra.

Once again, the Behobia SS has established itself as one of the most popular popular races and with the greatest participation of technological companies that, as in the case of Dinycon Sistmas, allow the counting of people and crowds in real time at all times for the safety of the runners and the organisation.

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