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Return from the Donosti Fairgrounds - Semana Grande San Sebastian

Dinycon Sistemas installs the people counting and capacity control system at the fairgrounds in view of the high expectations for the event.

The summer of 2021 will be remembered for having been the summer season of recovery and an attempt to return to normality after the pandemic that has stalked us all. Or at least that is how it has been felt in the streets of Spain"s most touristy cities. Everything that could not be done a year earlier has been recovered and more than recovered in some areas of our communities. A good example of this, and one that has had a lot of media coverage, is the fair on the Paseo Nuevo in San Sebastián, which has reopened its doors to the public to commemorate the Semana Grande Donostiarra (San Sebastian"s big week).

The general balance after just over 2 weeks of activity has been very satisfactory, both for the municipal authorities, as well as for the fairgrounds and of course for our fellow citizens. Different media have commented that "it has been possible to combine fun with safety in a summer that was still atypical due to the covid" (El Diario Vasco. Ed. 18/08/21 by Dani Soriazu). In this sense from Dinycon Sistemas we are very proud to have been able to participate in this event with the implementation of our people counting and capacity control solution DinyCONT, which has allowed us to measure the levels of affluence and occupation at every moment that has occurred in the fairgrounds.

As interesting data, for example, the total number of people who attended was 131,289, exceeding all the forecasts of the organisers due to the impact on tourism caused by the pandemic. It is important to note that these occupancy levels were achieved thanks to the confidence generated among the public, largely due to the digital controls that Dinycon Sistemas placed at the entrances, with information totems and monitors deployed at different points in the old part of San Sebastian, which indicated in real time the capacity that was occurring in the fairgrounds. Thanks to the visual aspect of the system, they were able to see how the capacity level bars and the smiley face indicated the level of capacity at any given moment.

This made it possible for visitors to make the best decision on when to come, and this in part reduced the queues at the entrance to the venue. On the other hand, the event organisers now have historical information about the busiest days, peak times and busiest entrances. This can definitely be useful for future editions in a better planning and coordination of resources, urban accesses and communication strategies towards the citizens. From Dinycon Sistemas we hope to continue contributing our grain of sand to recover little by little all the characteristic cultural heritage of our country.