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THINK TANK - Data Space for Business Impulse

Roberto García, CEO of Dinycon Sistemas, will take part in the round table organised by BAIC (Basque Artificial Intelligence Center).

Dynicon Sistemas SL will participate in the round table organised by BAIC (Basque Artificial Intelligence Center), together with INNOLAB Bilbao, and the collaboration of TECNALIA. A large number of entities and/or representatives from the fields of Health, Industry and Mobility and Logistics are expected to attend.

On 2 May, the conference on Data Spaces for Business Impulse in Industry, Health and Mobility and Logistics will be held. This event will take place in person at the Ensanche Building, in the Bilbao City Hall. The conference will be opened by Iraia Monteagudo (General Manager of INNOLAB) and Laura Marrón (General Manager of BAIC).

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It is worth noting that this day will also share the kind of opportunities that perfect data management through Data Spaces can bring, the impact that massive data management and data exploitation can generate.

The objective of the session can be exemplified by the following points:

  • Initially to know what a Data Space is.
  • To provide information on the keys to the European Data Strategy, and how organisations must adjust/adapt to this new reality.
  • Benefits and difficulties it generates/creates for entities in the fields of Industry, Health and Mobility and Logistics.
  • Investigate/Discover the keys to proper data exploitation and management.
  • Exchange success stories or practices for implementation in the business environment.

Dinycon will participate in the round table at 17:30 pm, to discuss among other experts, topics related to Mobility and Logistics. In this case, Roberto (CEO of Dinycon), will discuss several success stories that have been realized, so that other users of the room know the functions covered by Dinycon.

The conference will include other presentations related to data management in the fields of Industry, Health and Mobility and Logistics. To access the full programme click HERE.