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Solidarity Challentge in favour of the children of Ukraine to raise funds for the Chernobyl Elkartea Association.

On the occasion of the recent inauguration on April 20th of the new Altza sports centre, where Dinycon has also deployed the people counting and capacity control system, the San Sebastian Sports Board has launched a solidarity challenge for the children of Chernobyl, in order to raise funds for the humanitarian aid campaign of the Chernobyl Elkartea Association.

The challenge consists of cycling the 6344 km between Chernobyl and Donostia (there and back) on the indoor bicycles installed in one of the rooms of the sports centre.

The city has thrown itself into the solidarity challenge, as the image shows, where the hall from which the bike route was made was full most of the time; athletes from various clubs participated, such as the IDK Euskotren basketball team, Real Sociedad de Atletismo, Donostia Arraun Lagunak and a long list of fans who, together with the organisers, gave the challenge the necessary impetus to achieve the objectives and raise awareness of the serious situation in Ukraine.

The funds raised will go to the Chernobyl Elkartea Association, which has been working since 1996 to help children from the area affected by the nuclear disaster to take refuge with families in the Basque Country and Navarre.