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Advantages of smart cities for citizens

At the height of the creation of smart cities in Spain, many are wondering what are the essential characteristics of the municipalities that want to achieve this distinction.

The concept refers to smart cities and, in order to make them smart, the inclusion of new technologies combined with good urban planning and better resource management is essential. There is no doubt that these projects have come about to improve the quality of life of the citizens who live in these towns.

The rural exodus means that cities are experiencing continuous growth. In fact, according to the UN, two-thirds of the world population will be living in cities by 2030. These population concentrations inevitably require improved urban planning. This increase in the number of citizens can lead to other major problems such as increased traffic, pollution, more crime, etc. Current problems in some big cities, the best way to manage them is to solve them. Fortunately, we have technology on our side to achieve this.

One of the definitions of smart city that we like the most is the one that states that taking advantage of new technologies can help us to manage urban infrastructures and resources in a more efficient and sustainable way. Participatory governance is one of the great tasks to be conquered, as it allows the inhabitants of a city to participate in the process of contributing ideas to improve their quality of life in the municipality.

How this concept improves the lives of citizens

Speed in the procedures

The administration is normally computerised and accessible to citizens via the Internet. In this simple way, all procedures can be carried out immediately and conveniently from home, at any time, from a device with an Internet connection.

Less pollution

Installing pollution sensors is an effective way to monitor pollution that is so harmful to human health. In this way, authorities can take measures to prevent high pollution levels. Telematic procedures also prevent mass commuting, which reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Smooth Traffic

Real-time traffic monitoring and the ability to control traffic signals can significantly reduce congestion and traffic jams. It will be essential to encourage public transport and make healthier alternatives, such as cycling, available to citizens.

Parking facilities

Software applications to control the level of parking occupancy or driver apps are very useful to avoid going round and round looking for parking spaces. At Dinycon we have the DinyPark system to better locate free spaces and improve mobility in these facilities.