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Smart cities around the world: case studies

Precisely because we have contributed to the implementation of the smart city model in Spain in various cities around the country, at Dinycon we keep a close eye on the most interesting phenomena that arise in other parts of the world and which demonstrate that the smart city ideal is now perfectly feasible and beneficial in cities of any size and geographical location.

One of the most surprising and successful examples in Europe is Trikala in Greece. Considered the first smart city in Greece, it has defied the expectations of its location in the most agricultural area of Greece and the country"s economic situation by successfully implementing centralised and digitised systems for citizen complaints and monitoring parking, traffic signs and water supplies. In addition, Trikala has excelled in participating in various innovation pilot programmes in collaboration with EU institutions or business initiatives, which has contributed to the city"s advantageous position when it comes to implementing any new developments, as was recently the case with 5G technology.

Songdo in South Korea is an example of applying some of the smart city concepts not for the improvement of an existing city, but as an ideal to follow in the planning of a newly developed city. Having been designed from the outset with digital intelligence in mind, all its basic services offer a constant flow of information to optimise its operation, taking advantage of the facilities to install a powerful communications network throughout the urban layout from which private homes also benefit. All of this is integrated into a rational urban development.

Developing economies are also home to projects of great interest in this area. Cape Town, South Africa, has been making progress towards its stated goal of being considered the first smart city on the African continent. In addition to having introduced advances in public wireless connectivity, open information portals or sustainable transport, they are developing their own ‘smart grid’ and have also launched an official programme for the submission of proposals from specialists, entrepreneurs and organisations focused on technological development.