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Safe beaches campaign 2.021

Manage the beaches safely, informing users of the capacity in real time

Let"s make beaches safer

Last year we had the great opportunity to collaborate with the  Santander City Council and Telefónica , to carry out a capacity control deployment  on the eight most important beaches of this beautiful coastal city.

With this we contribute to this social project to alleviate the increase in covid-19 infections, and at the same time allow us to enjoy the summer with the guarantees of maintaining the capacity and with it the safety distance between users.

We would like to invite you to learn about this project by attending our Webinar on April 15 ; You can download the success story from our website.

Don"t be left behind, we are in time to be able to include your city in our #PlayasSeguras 2021 campaign.

Short video of operation

Real-time capacity control

Through the web, information panels, monitors and traffic lights , installed at the entrances, the user has real-time information on the occupation of the beach; there is a perception of security , seeing that there is a technology that controls the capacity , which makes the space more attractive.

Those responsible for security at the City Council receive approach or excess capacity alarms , which will allow them to take measures to avoid risk situations.

The distribution of bathers on the beach is carried out in such a way that distances are kept from the closest users ; This practice is common and more accentuated now due to the pandemic.

Additionally, information on free parking spaces in areas near the beaches can be accessed , sensorizing these spaces and integrating this data into the capacity control platform.

The user will have complete information, which will give him peace of mind.

The beach user can access predictive information , through the web and the beach APP , about the evolution in the occupation of the beach in the following minutes , which will allow them to decide which beach to go to based on their estimated time of arrival.

This information is completed with that of free parking spaces in the areas near the beach, integrating the parking spaces that provide this data into the application, so that the user will not have uncertainty and will go to the beach with peace of mind.

In this way the influx to the beaches is automatically regulated ; users are distributed in them in a natural way and crowds are avoided , making a safer and more attractive environment.

Easy installation

The installation of the capacity control system is simple; a pole or structure is required close to the access on which the sensor, communications equipment and information panel are installed.

A PTO is needed at that point; In the event that it was a streetlight, it is connected to it, with batteries for its operation during the day and a charger that recharges the batteries at night, while the lighting is on. It can also be powered by a solar panel.

All the elements come prepared with a support for fixing to the post and wiring to the control panel, so the installation is not very difficult.

Solution for sale, renting and rent

The solution is available in the modalities of sale, renting and rent.

The entire infrastructure is portable , so it could be reused in other spaces outside of the summer season , such as events, flow measurements at points of interest in the city, markets, etc.

The rental modality is adequate , if you want to solve the capacity control on the beaches during the summer season and no other subsequent use is planned.

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    The influx to the beaches has been more orderly and we have avoided crowds; The capacity control system deployed on the 8 beaches transmits peace of mind to users, as they are seeing the real-time occupancy level of the beach on the information panel and they understand that the beach is closed and they have to queue.