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The BizHiri padlock

We excel not only in queue management, but also in many other areas focused on improving the lives of citizens. For example, promoting devices that result in increased security. In this case, we have actively participated in the development of BizHiri, a lock to prevent bike theft.

Together with San Sebastian City Council, the Ceit-IK4 research centre and Luma, we have taken part in the launch of this new bicycle anti-theft system, which is still in the pilot phase. The key: geolocation. This pioneering system, called BizHiri, consists of incorporating a fixed lock equipped with Bluetooth technology into bicycles, 300 in this test phase. This is connected to transmitters installed throughout the city of Donosti. The bicycle must first be registered to the system via an app installed on the user"s smartphone. 

In other words, we are talking about a tracking system that connects the lock to the GPS location system of the mobile phone to locate the bike on the map. In addition, the city of San Sebastian will have devices that will broadcast the location of the locks that are close to them. At Dinycon we guarantee that BizHiri is a very efficient system that will help us to prevent bicycle theft. And, in the event that someone takes it, we will be able to locate them on the map and recover them. This is a project that should be highlighted, bearing in mind that more and more people in big cities are opting for bicycles as a sustainable means of transport. 

After the Mobility Department of the Donosti City Council tests the pilot test, we will join forces with the Ceit-Ik4 technology centre and the padlock manufacturer Luma to launch the dissemination phase of the Bizhiri padlock among citizens.

The capital of Gipuzkoa has been chosen for the pilot test of this new anti-theft system as it is one of the cities in Spain with the highest number of bicycles. Specifically, it is estimated that there are some 4,000 bicycles on the streets of San Sebastian every day. Not in vain, the city has 70 kilometres of bicycle lanes.