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Management of PMR places

Location and guidance to free spaces for people with reduced mobility

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Management of PMR places

DinyPARK-PMR is a solution to facilitate parking for the group of People with Reduced Mobility (PMR); the user can view the distribution of PMR places in the city and their status (free/occupied) in real time . Select the one you are interested in from among the free places available and the system automatically guides you to it. You also have the possibility to reserve it immediately or scheduled.

In the event of improper parking by users who do not belong to this group, an automatic alarm is sent to the municipal police so that they can act accordingly. The solution works with an APP in which authorized users of this group are registered.

Diagram of the DinyPARK-PMR solution

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Advantages of the PMR car park solution

  • Facilitates parking for the PRM group

  • Information on free places in real time and guidance to them

  • Seat reservation

  • Automatic detection of unauthorized user violations

  • Statistical data on the use of the same