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Main benefits of people tracking

People counting systems work by means of devices that are installed at the entrance or exit of the venue where the capacity is to be counted. They can be used in commercial establishments, at important events, etc. This is one of the issues that can help municipalities to become smart cities in Spain. Technology designed to optimise processes and improve the experience of citizens in certain areas will be vital for this new urban concept.

What are the advantages of the people tracking?

They are many and varied. So many that they can be classified into several categories.


They allow for the analysis of changes in foot traffic at the place where the count is taking place.

With this information, we can create heat maps to analyse which areas of a particular location are most popular. This allows us to understand the preferences of the users we are counting.


They allow to analyse the success rate of promotional actions or marketing campaigns by analysing the number of visitors.

Comparing the success of different events or places. Even going so far as to analyse the number of visitors to different tourist activities.


They will also provide information on how much time people spend inside the enclosure.

Vital information that allows us to draw relevant conclusions for further actions of interest. The data collected facilitates the identification of opportunities for improvement, on which we can base our new strategies. This is just one example, you can also balance your budget according to those areas that generate the most interest.

At Dinycon we have people counting technology and we know that it is a very appropriate resource for certain situations. It provides us with interesting information that can be a way to optimise promotional spending and budgets by comparing locations based on our interests, reducing waiting times, improving the user experience or analysing the impact of changes or improvements implemented.