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Markets, Concerts, Fairs, Parades....

Advantages and benefits of our solutions

  • Real-time occupancy: guarantees the security of the space, avoiding risky situations.

  • Perception of security in spaces: attracting the public.

  • Capacity alarms, warning when approaching or exceeding capacity: reduces stress for security staff, knowing that they will receive an alarm if a risky situation arises.

  • Detection of the number of people in queues: allows you to react quickly to an uncomfortable situation for the customer and put the necessary resources to correct it.

  • Real-time information available through several channels: 1-Access capacity monitor. 2-Internet. 3-Mobile application.

  • Inflow prediction: allows us to adjust resources to this prediction, optimising them and improving services.

Real-time capacity control

Capacity control is essential to maintain security at an event; this tool provides security managers and attendees with real-time information on the occupation of the space, avoiding risky situations.

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Get real-time and historical event attendance

Information on the areas with the highest occupancy

Patterns of behaviour and forecasting gauges

Access to data via the internet

Overflow alarm

They trust us to manage their events.

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Santander City Council

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