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Situation point: Smart cities

It is true that we have been hearing for some time that technology and development are the keys to creating a more sustainable world. Until not so long ago, this idea seemed to be a concept that remained in limbo. However, smart cities in Spain and other developed countries are now a reality and are helping to achieve the dream of building a better, less polluted and self-sufficient world. These are determining factors in improving the quality of life of the people who live in these optimised spaces.

Given the demographics, more than half of the population lives in urban areas. This is not surprising, as this is where economic and social activity is concentrated. This figure is expanding and according to the United Nations (UN) the percentage of the population in urban centres will increase to 70% by 2050. It is also important to bear in mind that it is in cities where the greatest energy consumption takes place, generating 80% of the harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Current situation

Smart cities are a matter of the present. But there is no doubt that they are growing and will be much more present in the not too distant future. In fact, more and more localities are learning about the systems needed to create these smart scenarios. Moreover, the main benefits of these technologies influence different areas of our environment: the environment, mobility, security, education, health, the economy and government, among many others.

Dinycon would like to highlight that the foundations on which a smart city is based will be mobile devices, social technologies, infrastructures, cloud services and big data. There are many cities that can already be included in the list of smart cities, some have introduced some innovative technology and others are in the process of developing a total smart model.

In our country there are many localities that are already working on more sustainable models based on technology. Santander, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Guadalajara and A Coruña are just some of them.