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Benefits of vehicle tracking

Nowadays, thanks to the use of different technologies, we can know in real time the number of vehicles in a specific area and the behaviour patterns of drivers, among many other things. The new vehicle tracking systems make this possible, thus creating new smart cities in Spain with their integration. These are technologies that are already being applied in some cities. What are the advantages and benefits?

Knowing relevant information

It must be taken into account that, with a vehicle tracking system, we can detect the different cars using bluetooth devices or by reading number plates. This means that we are able to access relevant information such as:

  • Know which are the most common routes for cars in the city.
  • Knowing the origin of vehicles thanks to origin/destination matrices.
  • Provide training on traffic frequency and dwell times at specific points.
  • To know the usual times of use in the different areas.
  • Collect information on driving behaviour.
  • Control access to certain restricted spaces.
  • Detect infringements, such as improper parking or manoeuvres that are prohibited, for example.
  • Control compliance with the rules of use of public roads by means of vehicle identification.

In addition, it is also possible to use vehicle counting, tracking and classification systems such as those we offer at Dinycon, which help to manage and facilitate parking in cities. In this way, through the placement of information panels in the city or with mobile apps, users can find out in real time which parking spaces are free in each area. This greatly improves the experience for drivers, as well as eliminating unnecessary traffic.

Donostia and A Coruña, for example, are some of the cities that already have this type of vehicle tracking and counting systems that have so many benefits both for users behind the wheel and for the operation and use of public roads.