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ZAINTZA. A project led by Dinycon SIstemas for the industrial sector in the Industry 4.0 environment.

While the explosion in the use of mobile devices has been a challenge for information and communication technologies, it has also opened up a tremendous range of business possibilities. Today, smartphones are ubiquitous in both the personal and professional lives of many people. Users use their smartphones in different facets of their lives: leisure activities, shopping, information queries and all with the aim of enhancing their experience. But, in addition, the smartphone has become a fundamental work tool for professionals. This fact presents a great opportunity to improve occupational risk prevention standards, which makes it very interesting for the industrial sector or other sectors with a higher incidence of accidents. Context-based services allow companies to improve the safety of their workers while at the same time providing them with data that can improve operational and operational safety.

The use of context-based services applied to occupational risk prevention (ORP) in the industrial sector, and in other sectors that also have a high accident rate, is undoubtedly one of the areas where there can be a great impact and interest.

With all of the above in mind, ZAINTZA objective is to develop a Cloud platform aimed at occupational risk prevention in the industrial sector mainly, but also in other sectors with a high accident rate, which allows:

1) Extract, process, analyse and visualise patterns of employee behaviour and activity and of mobile machinery and equipment use, which subsequently help managers to improve occupational risk prevention and company operations.

2) Offer its employees context-based services and alerts, through a mobile application, to help them perform their work in a simpler, safer and healthier way by providing them with more information on risks in their workplace in real time. All these services will be done in compliance with the LOPD at all times.

Companies will be able to manage occupational risk prevention more effectively with the information obtained from workers, based on their location and work habits, as well as the location of mobile machinery and company equipment thanks to the Cloud platform and Wifi/BLE technology presented in this project.

Industrial Objectives

  • Reduction of occupational risks through the monitoring of risk elements for people.
  • Creation of zoned Risk Maps at the plant level
  • Dynamisation in facility management
  • Personalised knowledge of situations of risk per worker
  • Real-time audit of the LRP
  • Strengthening the relationship between people and business

ZAINTZA is funded by the HAZITEK 2019 Business R&D Support Programme.

System architecture