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We presented the advantages of people counting applied to tourism at the Basque eTourism Day in Enter 2016.

Bilbao was the venue for Enter 2016, one of the most important congresses on R&D&I applied to tourism in the world, which brought together 260 professionals from a total of 37 countries to analyse and share the latest technological developments applied to the tourism sector, an area of the economy in which the Basque Country is beginning to position itself strongly, as attested by the record number of tourists in 2015 with a total of 3 million visitors.

Among the initiatives presented, the Dinycon Sistemas application for real-time people counting and its advantageous applications for resource management. Specifically, the Dinycon team that travelled to the event presented the SmartKalea experience and how technology can be put at the service of the management of a city, its businesses and residents.

SmartKalea: in Calle Mayor, Calle Narrika and Calle San Jerónimo in San Sebastian we have installed different people counting systems. In these streets the entrances and exits from the Boulevard area to the old part of the city are controlled. In the main street, people tracking is carried out in order to make heat maps with which we can have the information of the average stay of people in the street and the most usual routes of the people... A people counting sensor is also installed inside a shop. With all this information, on the one hand we can provide shopkeepers and restaurateurs in the area with information on the influx of people with which they can take measures to improve their businesses.

For example, by knowing the hours and days of peak traffic, they can adjust their opening and closing times, and we can also manage staffing requirements. On the other hand, the competent institutions have the capacity of the streets under control at all times, which allows them to take security measures in advance.

Balance of the event

Dinycon Sistemas assessment is very positive, as we have brought to the attention of different entities of the international tourism sector, our technological solutions which can provide data for the improvement of the sector in general. Also, through networking we have made very interesting contacts with whom we hope to work in the future.

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