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Xàbia installs Dinypark information panels to avoid traffic jams at the access to the coves.

La Granadella Natural Area

Crystal clear waters, mountains that embrace the sea, tranquillity, scenery....this is the Granadella cove in Xábia, one of the most charming coves in the Marina Alta region and a place chosen by many visitors to lose themselves in summer, which can be reached via a road that leads from the access to Cabo de la Nao to the car park located in the cove; from here begins another route, this one for walkers, which leads to the Castell de la Granadella.

The Granadella Forest Park is a natural area located to the south of the municipality of Xàbia, which covers an area of 750 hectares. This area was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) of the Valencian Community and is within the area catalogued as a Site of Community Interest (SCI) Penyassegats de la Marina. This privileged corner of the Mediterranean is one of the last almost untouched areas of the coastline, with numerous attractions of ecological, scenic and cultural value.

Through this project, Dinycon SL has worked on the solution to the queues of cars that occur every summer at the barriers that regulate traffic to the coves and in the spaces where visitors now park their vehicles.

Dinypark Solution

The DinyPARK solution will improve the visitor experience when it comes to finding parking.

The beauty of the Granadella cove and its surroundings has led to a growing influx of users in recent years who are looking for privileged places to bathe and practice water sports.

As it is such a unique space, the number of visitors has increased significantly each season; the saturation of this space, of high value and landscape quality, has led to the regulation of motor vehicle access during the peak season, which has led the City Council to take measures to manage the influx of visitors.

Clear Advantages for Visitors

In order to preserve the environmental values while improving the safety of pedestrians, as many make the journey on foot, and at the same time to control the influx of vehicles, the City Council has decided to regulate access to the site during the high season by installing Information Boards.

Through this project, Dinycon SL has worked on the solution to the queues of cars that occur every summer at the barriers that close the coves to traffic and in the spaces where visitors now park their vehicles.

With the installation of an Information Panel at the crossroads before the cove, the availability of parking space at the bottom of the beach is indicated and, therefore, it informs whether the barrier will be open or whether, on the contrary, the permitted capacity has already been reached and the visitor will find the barrier closed.

This «full» warning discourages bathers from driving towards Cala Granadella. As an element of added value, the panel also indicates the location of the car park where the free public bus to the beach is available.

All this new infrastructure for displaying information will bring the following benefits to citizens and visitors:

  • Preservation of the environmental value of the Cove.
  • Real-time information on vacancies.
  • Reduction of unnecessary traffic and traffic jams on the access road to the Cove.
  • Improving the quality of visitor services by facilitating parking.
  • Improved mobility management.
  • Elimination of noise and pollution.
  • Scalable up to full system automation

This system will also be implemented in the coves of La Barraca and Ambolo, thus avoiding the collapse of the streets leading to these unique areas.

Kika Mata - Xábia Town Council Services Councillor