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San Sebastian is committed to counting people and bicycles on the main arteries of the city with DinyCont

San Sebastian remains committed to making the city smarter, more efficient and better managed.

For this, Dinycon is once again its technological ally. Since April, we have installed a system for counting people and bicycles on Paseo de la Concha, at the height of La Perla, in order to know the number of pedestrians and cyclists in the area, and thus better manage resources.

We have placed, as the City Council website states, two sensors on a lamppost in the area that will allow us to obtain data on the number of pedestrians who walk along the promenade every day, as well as two loops on the bidegorri that will allow us to know the number of cyclists using the bidegorri, differentiating the direction of travel.

Each sensor will send the information to the DinyCONT software, which will store the daily records, make comparisons of affluence and allow to know the occupancy in real time, as well as the average occupancy and the high occupancy peaks.

A totem placed next to the sensors will display daily traffic data for pedestrians and cyclists in both directions, with the busiest day of the year fixed on the screen as a reference. In addition, the totem will provide interesting information about the city for pedestrians and cyclists walking or cycling in the area.

We are already working on data analysis and new applications to get the most out of the project.