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Measurement of queues and permanence

Meet the attraction of a window display

Measurement of queues and permanence

DinyCONT - Rows provides us with information on the number of people in a row, in front of an exhibitor or in front of a shop window, which will allow us to improve attention to the public , reinforcing the service in front of a long line and to know the most attractive spaces, knowing the length of stay in them You can improve the design of a shop window and measure its impact by counting people in front of the shop window, their length of stay and if they subsequently enter the establishment. 

With this information we obtain statistical data:  time spent in queues, hours of greatest concentration . The data is displayed in real time and automatic notifications are sent in certain situations.

Solution Advantages

  • Determine the areas of greatest influx

  • Improve customer service

  • Know the attraction of a window display

  • Properly redistribute spaces

  • Integration with business data

DinyCONT-lines technical data sheet