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Geomarketing systems

ATPOINTS. Proximity Marketing or Geomarketing

ATPOINTS, Proximity Marketing

ATPOINTS is a proximity marketing or geomarketing solution, based on the location of people, through their GPS coordinates outdoors and Beacons beacons indoors; for its operation, the ATPOINTS APP must be downloaded, so that users can receive these promotions on their cell phones. The Beacons emit low energy bluetooth signals (BLE), which are received by the mobile devices near them and, through the ATPOINTS APP, they receive the promotions. A content manager allows the establishment to launch its communications in a simple and very visual way.

ATPOINTS offers you an agile, economical and dynamic communication channel with your customers, allowing you to update and schedule your offer at the moment, attracting customers in periods of your interest, so you can optimize your resources and improve your business results in a spectacular way.


Advantages of Proximity Marketing

  • Automatic launch of special offers to customers near the establishment.

  • Scheduling of timetable and calendar of your interest for the launch of promotions.

  • Direct and cost-effective communication channel.

  • Indoor and outdoor customer acquisition.

  • Improving the customer experience --> Loyalty

  • We can know how they behave --> Adequacy of resources and spaces.

  • No implementation cost. Pay per impact or transaction.

Frequently asked questions on Geomarketing

It is a Geomarketing application complementary to the counting solutions, based on the location of people, through their GPS coordinates outdoors and Beacons indoors. Businesses can promote the APP through a commercial advantage and send notifications to the end user.

Geomarketing or proximity marketing will help you to improve your management and results; it is a new communication channel through which you will inform potential customers, close to a certain location, about promotions, offers, information, etc. in a personalised way.

Atpoints© will improve both your bran image and your customers experience.

Atpoints will allow you to easily attract customers and build customer loyalty, improving your results in a short period of time; you will reach a larger number of your target audience and you will be able to attract them to your establishment.

Through Atpoints© you will be able to automatically launch promotions, offers, discounts and much more, to customers who are close to your establishment. Having GPS or Bluetooth activated will be enough for your customers to receive all the notifications.

Each customer will be able to select a set of categories, so that they will only receive notifications of interest to them. This way, you will also have statistics to know what your customer is like and how they behave.