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The SmartKalea project receives the award at the National Innovation Congress

The Smartkalea project, in which Dinycon Sistemas participates with a people counting and tracking system, was distinguished by the National Congress of Innovation and Public Services (CNIS) as the best public-private collaboration project of the Administration.

The SmartKalea project is an initiative of Fomento de San Sebastian, a municipal public company supported by the San Sebastian City Council Department of Economic Promotion; The aim of the project is to make the Parte Vieja Donostiarra” a Smartcity space, promoting energy saving actions in public lighting and establishments, reducing water consumption, knowing the behaviour of people (affluence, where they move), so that trade and hospitality can use this information to improve their businesses; for all this, this Smart project in Donostia, has been awarded for its innovation and its integration with the city and its citizens.

It is awarded the participation of Dinycon Sistemas and its innovative counting and tracking system, by means of which the influx of people in the different streets is obtained in real time and will allow the number of people entering the establishments to be measured. The information generated by the system, together with data from the environment (weather, events, etc.) is of great interest to establishments, as it allows improvements derived from the information from the people counting and tracking data: management and planning of resources, impact of advertising campaigns, promotions, etc.