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Dinycon creates a smart parking in Villanueva de la Serena

Dinycon, a company specialising in smart City projects, presents in this post a smart public parking project in Villanueva de la Serena.

The first Smart City in Spain is in Badajoz and its name is Villanueva de la Serena. This has been the first project, framed within the National Smart Cities Plan of the Digital Agenda, which has seen the light of day. The objectives of this initiative are to create a friendlier urban environment, both for citizens and visitors to this municipality.

The use of ICT has made our lives much easier. In the urban environment, it can help us to create more efficient and sustainable localities. In addition, technology favours economic and business development in the city. It also promotes the improvement of the quality of public services.

Among the actions that have been carried out to achieve the Villanueva Smart City distinction is our Smart Parking solution. The innovation in this case lies in the sensorisation system for the creation of a smart public parking space. This open-air car park is located in one of the city centric streets, specifically in Conventual Street.

villanueva de la serena smart city proyecto plan nacional ciudades inteligentes parking

We opted for a design that would improve mobility in a high-traffic area. The result has been a success. Citizens can know, in real time, the degree of occupancy of the car park. Before entering the car park, they will know the exact number of spaces available. To achieve this, we have worked on an innovative project that affects the strategic location of the sensors and the way they communicate with each other.

At Dinycon we have designed an exclusive system in which the sensors are placed underground, about 7 centimetres from the surface of the ground. In this way, they cannot be manipulated by third parties or suffer vandalism. In addition, no maintenance work is required, which is a great advantage. The data obtained by the sensors are displayed on a screen on site, can be consulted on an app and are also sent via 4G to the City Council Data Processing Centre.

The Villanueva de la Serena project also included other actions such as the development of an open data portal, the design of an app for citizens, a tool for energy efficiency management and the creation of a municipal geographic information system.