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Sport, Leisure and Culture

Sports centres, gymnasiums, museums, libraries, cultural centres, leisure areas ....

Advantages and benefits of our solutions

  • Real-time occupancy: guarantees the security of the space, avoiding risky situations.

  • Balanced distribution of traffic by times and establishments: with real-time information, the visitor can decide at which times and to which establishment to go, depending on occupancy -->. Favourable experience.

  • Inflow prediction: this allows us to adjust resources to this prediction, optimising them and improving services.

  • Historical data: obtaining behavioural patterns and generating predictive models.

  • Capacity alarms, warning when approaching or exceeding capacity: reduces stress for security staff, knowing that they will receive an alarm if a risky situation arises.

  • Perception of security in spaces: attracting the public.

  • Real-time information available through several channels: 1-Access capacity monitor 2-Internet 3-Mobile application.

Counting & Gathering Control

Find out the number of visitors to the sports facilities, with their distribution by time slots and occupancy in real time. The information is displayed through capacity monitors and the public website.

The user can decide which facility to go to depending on the occupancy at that moment; the visitor load is redistributed and the athlete"s perception is positive, as he/she can avoid uncomfortable situations in advance.

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SMART Applications for Sport, Leisure and Culture


Data on the number of visitors and occupancy of the venues


Know in real time the occupancy of the facilities

Real-time data

Access capacity data from any device

Capacity Alarms

Receive, on any device, an overfill alarm

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