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Dinycon Sistemas designs an innovative solution for the control of gauges

This tool improves the management of the Capacity in establishments subject to the new measures for the prevention and contagion of Covid 19, visualising the data of affluence and occupation in real time, giving automatic warning in case of overcrowding.

One of the first users of the system will be the Patronato de deportes de Donostia.

One of the recommendations to be implemented by establishments of various types is the reduction of the permitted capacity inside the premises to avoid the accumulation of people. According to technical criteria, this reduction is likely to be up to one third of the current capacity. In addition, both customers inside and those waiting outside the establishment will have to maintain a minimum safe distance of one and a half metres between them.


The Capacity Control solution designed by Dinycon Sistemas allows the capture and visualisation of data on the influx and occupation of the facilities in real time, as well as a system of automatic warnings if it is detected that the capacity of the establishment is exceeded.

The system is designed to be implemented in a wide range of establishments, both public and private: Shops, Supermarkets, Sports Centres, Museums, etc. As well as in outdoor spaces: Beaches, Events, Markets, etc. all of them subject to the new regulations that have arisen in the current situation of the fight against Covid 19.

Thanks to the installation of a Capacity Control System, it is possible to know the occupancy of the venue in real time, to know when the venue is about to reach the capacity limit, to warn the responsible personnel when the capacity is exceeded, or to know the hourly distribution of the influx of attendees. In this way, the system makes it possible to better manage the current de-escalation situation, comply with the requirements of Covid 19 regulations and achieve greater profitability and fluidity in establishments and venues where the number of people using the venue increases over the course of the day.

The benefits of installing a capacity control system before Covid 19.

Capacity control and security

The system consists of one or more high precision counting sensors, which deliver 97% reliability. This is a matter of great importance in the management of capacity. Users, as well as those in charge, will be able to count on real-time information, managing a certain number of people to respect the capacity and avoid problems by preventing crowds, even controlling the opening of doors and accesses.

Real-time information

Both those in charge of the establishment and the people outside will be able to visualise the capacity status in real time, and even access it via the internet.

In the event of exceeding the established capacity, or in an emergency situation, we will have precise and updated information on the exact number of people inside. In this way, we will be able to implement the most appropriate protocol for a safe evacuation.

Characteristics of the solution

  • Real-time data visualisation and gauging control
  • Detection of queues and dwell time
  • Three-dimensional vision sensors (child/adult difference) and bi-directional counting
  • High counting accuracy (97%) and simplicity of installation
  • Capacity display at external entrances
  • Local or cloud server

About Dinycon Sistemas

At Dinycon we have the best solutions for people counting and capacity management, using the latest technology to obtain valuable information that can help optimise processes and improve the offer of different establishments, among other things.