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Dinycon Sistemas installs, once again this year, its people counting and capacity control system at the Donostia Christmas Market.

“A market that has already become a classic in the city could not miss this Christmas event, and we are doing so with all the security measures in place, confident that it will be one of the attractions of this atypical Christmas in San Sebastian. It is also an incentive to boost trade at this time.”

Marisol Garmendia. Councillor for Economic Promotion.

This year, due to the situation generated by Covid-19, different measures will be taken to control the capacity, allowing to improve the management of the installation, visualising the data of affluence and occupation in real time and giving automatic warning in case the capacity is approached or exceeded.

San Sebastian will once again hold its traditional Christmas Market on the banks of the Urumea River, organised by the Department of Economic Promotion through Fomento de San Sebastian. On this occasion, a security protocol has been drawn up in line with the legislation established to combat Covid-19, which establishes protective measures to ensure that the risk of infection of the virus is similar to the Community risk, which is currently considered to be low or very low.

The City Council of Donostia San Sebastián has chosen once again this year the innovative people counting and capacity control solution from Dinycon Sistemas to be implemented at the Christmas Market which opened its doors on 11 December.

This tool allows the capture and visualisation of data on the influx and occupancy of the facilities in real time, as well as an automatic warning system if it is detected that the capacity of the enclosure is exceeded.

The Donostia Christmas Market opens this year with 28 stalls set up on Paseo de Francia and another 7 stalls in Plaza Santa Catalina. This year"s opening has been conditioned by health measures and mobility restrictions. A safety protocol has been drawn up to implement protective measures in the Christmas Market circuit in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus as much as possible and thus guarantee the safety and health of people.

To control the capacity, set at a maximum of 587 people, instantaneous people counting sensors will be installed at the entrance and exit arches of the market. A traffic light system (red, amber or green) will be used to indicate the capacity in order to avoid overcrowding, which will also be available on the market website.

The installed system.

Counting sensors have been installed at the entrances to the Christmas Market on Paseo de Francia. These sensors will make it possible to know in real time the level of public in the area and, if necessary, limit access to ensure security measures.

Capacity display monitors/screens have also been installed to indicate the level of occupancy. These screens will be placed both on the Paseo de Francia and in other central points of the city in order to avoid, in the event of full capacity, the flow of people between areas of the city.

Input/Output circuit

A circuit has been organised through the market with one-way traffic to organise the flow of people. It is also envisaged that the public who do not wish to walk the entire length of the market can access different points of the market using the rear lane and the free areas between flowerbeds.

In the Plaza Urumea, a covered area of 250 square metres has been set up, with a capacity for 50 people. In the case of the Plaza Santa Catalina, with 7 stands, a maximum capacity of 43 people has been established.

In addition to the information on the screens and signage, the market staff will be able to inform visitors about directions on the site and alternative routes in the event of full capacity. The Christmas Market will run until Tuesday 5 January 2021.

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