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Panel for vertical mobility solutions in Donostia San Sebastián

Vertical mobility solutions enable efficient urban space in the smart and connected city, making transit possible both inside buildings and in shopping centres, airports or open spaces. Lifts and escalators transport millions of people around the world every day, digitally and sustainably.

The Dinycon Sistemas SL panel has now been installed at the Morlans roundabout near the Paseo de Errondo, which will inform users whether the lift that goes up to Aiete is operational and its traffic situation. The operational situation of the inclined lift forced residents to travel hundreds of metres, in many cases uselessly. The indicator of the new solution solves, reliably, from this week, a problem that conditioned the mobility of the regular users of this means of transport.

Description of the work carried out in the project

  • Compact information panel, double-sided readable, with fixed information text and red/green signalling indicating lift status, with high-intensity LED for outdoor use, diameter 100 mm, aluminium casing, dimensions approx. 1300x900
  • Programmable controller for capturing lift status and time signals, with capacity for 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, Ethernet communication interface, mounted in control panel, with power supply.
  • Supply and installation of 260 W polycrystalline solar panel, dimensions 1650 x 1000 mm, installed on pole extension of the information panel, charge regulator, battery pack, including fixing bracket to the structure.