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Dinycon Sistemas installs DinyCONT, at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciéncies de València

Dinycon Sistemas installs its innovative counting and capacity control system at the Ciutat de les Arts y les Ciéncies in Valencia.

The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia is one of the most significant architectural works in Spain. Its futuristic design in the spectacular surroundings of the city of Valencia makes it an obligatory visit.

The competent authorities detected the need to be able to obtain the capacity and visitor flow control data for the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and the Hemisfèric, and for this purpose they have installed Dinycont, with innovative stereoscopic technology.

Eight sensors have been installed. Two of them at the entrances and exits of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum. Another four in the cafeteria of the same centre and the remaining two in the Hemisféric. The aim of these sensors is to record in real time the capacity and visitor flow control data and to be able to obtain reports on the records.

Dinycont Valencia 2

With this installation Dinycon Sistemas strengthens its position as a leading company in capacity and flow control.