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What characteristics does a city need to have to be a “Smart City”?

When we talk about smart city, we are referring to a concept that is particularly broad. Defining it in a series of characteristics or requirements is very complex. However, there are some key points that cannot be missing in a smart city. As specialists in smart cities in Spain, we know the changes that must be carried out in a place in order to become "smart". What do they consist of?

Characteristics that every smart city must meet

Among the main important factors that every city must have in order to become a smart city, we highlight the following:

  • Integration of new technologies in infrastructures. Technological innovations are particularly relevant and it is necessary to adapt to all those that arrive and that can help to improve cities and quality of life.
  • Efficiency: efficient management of resources and economy is key.
  • Universal accessibility, sustainable mobility and respect for the environment. Here we are talking about good planning in terms of proper waste collection, ease of recycling, the use of renewable energies, etc.
  • Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with public services. This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. In this case, the use of various technological platforms that are part of public services and that are easy to access and use comes into play.

How does a city become a smart city?

Some of the latest advances that are gradually reaching cities and making them smart are technologies such as tracking and counting systems, both for people and vehicles. In this way, thanks to solutions such as those we offer at Dinycon, it is already possible to control capacity and affluence, know the behaviour of citizens, both on foot and by car, improve mobility with intelligent car parks, know flow dynamics, make forecasts, among many other things.

Cities in Spain such as Donostia, Valencia, Cordoba or Coruña, for example, have already started to introduce small changes with technological solutions in order to improve the quality of life, and which, in addition, improve tourism in the area.