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Vehicle counting, classification and tracking

Vehicle flow statistics, by type and origin


Smartcity A Coruña

License plate reading, vehicle tracking and Totems

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Counting, classification and tracking of vehicles in real time

DinyPARK-Traffic is a solution to improve mobility and efficiency in the use of infrastructures. Through smart cameras , we obtain statistical data on the flow of vehicles, by time slots, type of vehicle (bike, motorcycle, car, truck) , days of the week and know the level of saturation . Possibility of tracking them, by means of a license plate reading system or the detection of the Bluetooth signal . 

With this information we can know the traffic on the routes of interest , the origin/destination matrices and the origin of the vehicles , associated with their license plate. Also the volume of new vehicles, frequency of circulation through certain points, control access to restricted spaces and detect infractions. The data is displayed in real time and published on different media (information panels, web).

Advantages of counting vehicles and classifying

  • Obtaining statistical data on influx (by time slots, days of the week...) --> Knowledge of the traffic to take improvement measures

  • Know the distribution of traffic in the city --> propose alternative routes in case of saturation

  • Classification of vehicles (motorcycles, passenger cars, heavy vehicles...)

  • Know the origin of vehicles and origin-destination matrixes

  • Obtaining behavior patterns --> mobility prediction

  • Information to the user in real time --> take measures to avoid crowds

DinyPARK-City technical sheet