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Dinycon Sistemas is leading an innovative virtual sensing project in pedestrian mobility modelling.

Hazitek 2022 Competitive in Cooperation, with the participation of a company and a Basque Science and Technology Network Centre.

The VIRDAT project is led by the company Dinycon Sistemas, and TECNALIA is participating as a Centre of the Basque Science and Technology Network (RVCT).

VIRDAT is presented as the technological proposal that will encourage the pedestrianisation of public space and the design of cities that are friendlier for their residents and visitors.

The consortium thus formed by the company and the RVCT centre form a highly complementary and multidisciplinary group with extensive experience, which will enable the creation of synergies between them and the increase of knowledge and which will guarantee the achievement of the different objectives set out in VIRDAT and, consequently, the success in achieving the main objectives of the project:

  • Development of a tool to support municipal managers for the behavioural analysis of aggregate pedestrian mobility in the Smart City: occupation of public spaces, mobility flows, Origin-Destination matrixes, etc. Descriptive and predictive analysis.
  • Development of an automated inspection system in the area of interest, providing data and statistics on the flow and occupancy of the area.
  • Support for decision-making based on real and permanent information updated by automatic procedures.
  • Improved operational efficiency, safety and auditability of decision-making processes in planning and operation.
  • Route history analysis for anticipation and demand management, Origin / Destination matrixes and identification of critical transit points.
  • Optimal management of the different resources involved in attending to visitors or attendees at an event.

VIRDAT fits perfectly into the "Sustainable Cities" opportunity territory, focusing on healthy and sustainable urban development, including Smart Cities, within the framework of the Basque Urban Agenda BULTZATU 2050 and mainly through integrated urban transformation projects.

The VIRDAT project is perfectly framed within the digital or virtual technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data/Data Science (predictive and decision-making algorithms, machine learning and data analytics). Similarly, technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technologies will also be used.

This will result in the creation of a new business line consisting of the deployment of virtual sensors and will minimise the use of physical sensors for people counting. This will result in an improvement in the aesthetic impact (as there will be less equipment installed), a lower environmental impact and a reduction in costs for this type of project.

The project on a social level will be the consequent creation of new jobs, resulting from the increased competitiveness of the companies participating in the project, as well as in the diversification and increased competitiveness of the companies implementing the new system developed.

The VIRDAT project will stimulate the generation of original knowledge that will materialise in the development of patentable technologies.