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About Us

The sum of a consolidated experience in constant innovation

Dinycon: a safe bet

We are an integration engineering of systems related to the mobility of people and vehicles , with extensive experience in the installation of counting solutions, capacity control for people and vehicles. Creativity, innovation and quality at work are the three fundamental pillars on which our philosophy has been based since our inception in 2001.


We listen to the problems of our customers and adjust each product to their needs. At Dinycon we believe that commitment to the customer is important: we care about customer satisfaction so that they can optimize their resources to the maximum . That is why we offer a service that begins with the study and advice of each case, and continues with the supply, installation, start-up, after-sales service and maintenance.


Dinycon's mission is to optimize the mobility of people and vehicles and thus contribute to the comprehensive development of the environment and improve the environment. We want to be leaders in offering innovative solutions based on information and communication technologies (ICTs) applied to buildings and cities with the ultimate goal of reaching the Smart City concept.

The Dinycon Sistemas team is made up of researchers, engineers and technicians who develop our own software that makes us a benchmark at a national level.


The importance of knowing how to grow

In such a globalized world, it is important to be accompanied, to work as a team. For this reason , Dinycon Sistemas decided to form part of the following cluster :


Cluster of Electronic and Information Technology Industries of the Basque Country


Cluster of transport and logistics companies in the Basque Country

Donostia Smart Energy

Cluster of companies from San Sebastián that work in the area of ​​renewable energy and energy efficiency


Association is helping to drive the development of data sovereignty and the data economy