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Information on free spaces in car parks

Facilitates location and guidance to free spaces

Arrive on time for our meeting....

Solution Advantages

  • Information of free places to the user in real time

  • Elimination of unnecessary traffic in search of parking

  • Guided to the selected car park with free spaces

  • Integration of access control equipment to car parks

  • Occupancy prediction: service improvement and resource optimization

  • Reduces user stress

Location of free places in real time

DinyPARK-Ciudad solves the problem of locating free spaces in the city . To do this, the information on free spaces available in the different parking areas (rotation, blue zone and dissuasive) is centralized and shown to the user through information panels in the city, web and mobile applications, which guide the user directly to the selected car park. With this system, the user experience is improved by reducing stress in search of parking and eliminating unnecessary traffic .

The application has APIs for integration with other platforms.


Solutions for all types of car parks

Underground parking, surface, dissuasive buildings...

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