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The art and Smart technology of Dinycon, together in the project ·MIRAMART·.

Dinycon Sistemas advances in its Smart City innovation and brings its technology to art in a unique setting in the city of San Sebastian.

The MiramArt project transforms the Miramar pedestrian tunnel, which crosses under the Miramar Palace and connects the La Concha promenade with Ondarreta, into an innovative underwater artistic and sensorial experience with smart technologies.

A group of companies from the technology sector, including Dinycon Sistemas, have contributed their services to a pioneering project within the framework of the Donostia 2016 Capital of Culture.

With the installation of DINYCONT, people counting, flow control and real-time tracking of people, plus the information totem installed at the entrance to the tunnel from Ondarreta, information is provided to both the public on foot and the institutions, on people entering and leaving the tunnel, average stays in the work of art, occupation and traffic of pedestrian movements.

With this project Dinycon Sistemas continues working and implementing its Smart City solutions to make cities smarter, better managed and better to live in.