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Mexican market

Dinycon business internalisation in Mexico


Banco Azteca

Measuring queues and time spent at Banco Azteca branches

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DINYCON is committed to expanding into the Mexican market. Mexico is a country with potential for technological development in cities and we want to contribute to this.

DINYCON is a systems integration engineering company whose aim is to develop solutions to improve the mobility of people and vehicles.

We capture, process and publish data, offering space and infrastructure managers a solution to improve their management and provide valuable information for decision making.



  • Improve the quality of service to the bank"s customers with more efficient queue management.
  • Optimise resources by opening or closing tills with a forecast of the number of visitors.
  • Measuring the performance of cashiers in terms of transaction times.
  • Inform customers about the real-time occupancy of the bank"s private car park.


  • Ensure the health and safety of visitors to commercial spaces by controlling capacity.
  • Measure the number of visitors at different points in the shopping centre and generate heat maps.
  • Inform visitors of promotions and help them make a purchase decision.
  • Perform maintenance/cleaning services based on frequency of use rather than on a scheduled basis.


  • To provide both the managers of these spaces and the users with real-time information on the occupancy status and the possibility of parking in the car parks.
  • Present statistical data on the use of car parks and inform users with outdoor information panels.
  • Allow reserved parking for the disabled and charging points for electric vehicles.


  • Improving citizens quality of life with solutions that reduce traffic.
  • Obtain statistical data to enable urban and mobility managers to plan in the most appropriate way.
  • Empower citizens with sustainable policies based on data and trends.
  • Planning based on the dynamics of flows and movements through predictive modelling and real-time information.
  • Planning based on the dynamics of flows and movements through predictive models and real-time information.
  • Having a dashboard in which you can holistically visualise everything related to mobility in your city and facilitate decision making.

Success Story: Banco Azteca


They lacked accurate information on the behaviour of their customers in branches, which resulted in queues and long waiting times. The bank"s objective was to obtain accurate data on arrival flows, number of people in the queue, waiting times, abandonment rate, overflows and transaction times at checkouts, in order to right-size its resources and optimise service, and thereby improve customer satisfaction.


The pilot test was carried out in the Mega Plaza Aragón branch in Mexico City, overcoming technical obstacles such as the casuistry and behaviour of customers, movement of poles, low height in the cashier area, obstacles in the line of sight of the sensors, etc. This led to the assignment by the bank of 10 of the most critical branches in the metropolitan area, keeping the strictest security aspects and installing a local architecture and integration for sending data to the bank"s central server. The project was not without its challenges, as the assignment took place in the middle of the freeze between Oct-Dec just when the bank limits vendor access to the branches, and much of the system configuration was done remotely from Spain.


Dinycon is fully committed to expanding into the Mexican market. That is why we have a local team, highly qualified to meet the needs of our customers and integrate the required solutions.


Dinycon has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during the year 2022. To this end, it has been supported by the XPANDE DIGITAL Programme of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.