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People counting

Know the flows of people in an area

A walk through our counting solutions...

Advantages and benefits

  • Obtaining statistical data on influx

  • Row detection -> improves service to users

  • Behavior patterns-> Influx prediction

  • Attraction of shop windows and exhibitors: how many people stand and their length of stay

  • Impact measurement: of promotional campaigns

  • Integration with business data

Count people in real time

DinyCONT-Flows provides us with information on the flows of people, differentiating between children and adults,  in a given area, by accesses, time slots , etc. and extract ratios such as the number of people who enter the establishment compared to the people who pass through the outside . With this information we obtain statistical data: average stays of visitors , average occupancy, hours of greatest influx , sales/influx ratios . The data is displayed in real time and is recorded in the database in configurable periods for obtaining historical reports, accessible by internet.


Accessible to all budgets

We adapt to your needs; solutions in the modalities of

  • sale
  • renting
  • lease

We offer a free demo pilot at your facility for one month. 

Acces to data from the counting of people and bicycles installed in the Totem of Paseo de La Concha (Donostia-San Sebastián)

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