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A year full of participation in Fairs and Events

The Madrid Book Fair, VEM2021, the San Mateo Fair, FIDMA and the Donostia-San Sebastián Christmas Market were safe spaces thanks to DinyCONT.

2021 has been a busy year for Dinycon Sistemas in the events and fairs sector, and it has also coincided with the opening of a new work centre in the Community of Madrid, which opened its doors on 1 August in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Shortly after, we received some enquiries and we had the opportunity to carry out two important deployments for important events such as the Madrid book fair and the electric vehicle fair VEM2021 organised by AEDIVE.

In both cases, capacity control systems were installed with our DinyCONT solution to guarantee controlled and safe spaces, as well as allowing attendees to keep a distance from each other to avoid possible contagion of covid-19. In the case of the Madrid book fair, information totems were adapted in the North and South porticoes to present the level of occupation at any given moment. The graphic design presented three moods (happy, indifferent and sad) depending on whether the occupancy rate was below 60%, between 60-80% and above 80%, with the colours changing from green to yellow and red as the fairgrounds filled up.

The media echoed this novelty on several occasions throughout the three weeks of the event, and it became a noteworthy element that not only attracted the attention of the public, but also helped the organisers of the fair to manage the expectations of the attendees who were queuing outside the entrances. Similarly, a monitor with a graphic appearance similar to that of the totems was incorporated into the official website of the Madrid book fair. This gave many attendees the opportunity to choose the right time to move to the Retiro Park and thus avoid the long queues that formed at the busiest times, particularly at weekends and on the last two days of the event.

Other notable fairs where we were asked to install our capacity control system were the San Mateo fair in Parquesol (Valladolid) and the Luis Adaro fairground in Gijón, on the occasion of the International Trade Fair of Asturias (FIDMA).

And to close the year, as in previous years, we installed our people counting and capacity control system at the Donostia-San Sebastián Christmas Market, which with the arrival of Omicron has been of vital importance to keep the spaces with the lowest possible level of risk of contagion. Thanks to all our customers, partners and suppliers once again for their trust and see you in 2022!

Happy New Year wishes you all the Dinycon Sistemas team.