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Dinycon raises a new line of deployments to deal with undertow currents.

Thanks to the RESAC-OFF programme initiative, new business partnerships and deployments on Spanish beaches will be encouraged.

Inicialmente la finalidad que pretende cubrir el proyecto RESAC-OFF, es ayudar a reducir el número de ahogamientos en las playas, producidos por las corrientes de resaca.

Initially, the aim of the RESAC-OFF project is to help reduce the number of drownings on beaches caused by undertow currents.

That is why Yann Bussard, General Manager of Madrid and LATAM, together with Antonio de la Cruz, geology specialist and Project Manager of VisionGeo/Greenresults, are visualising a business collaboration with various entities to address this problem, since the summer season is approaching, which causes high user movements to coastal destinations to enjoy the beaches.

Both experts shared their vision and experience on the importance of this project, stressing that it undoubtedly contributes to improving the safety of users who go into the sea, and generates greater calm in the authorities in charge of beach management.

Going further into this future line of deployments, it should be underlined that new technologies are being worked on for the perfect execution of this project, implementing intelligent algorithms in the new systems. As a highlight of these new technologies, they are being implemented in pilot projects to obtain greater accuracy with them.

As for the placement of the new sensors/cameras, they will be placed at a considerable height, pointing out to sea, in order to regulate the undertow currents generated on the beaches.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy a safe summer without any kind of incident.