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What traffic is like in a smart city

Did you know that last year Spaniards wasted 524 million hours in traffic jams? The figure is surprising to say the least. Madrid was the city that suffered most from traffic jams. In fact, according to a study by TomTom Traffic, on average, each Madrid resident lost 37 hours in a traffic jam in 2016.

Not so long ago, a car was a luxury item, but nowadays there can be more than two cars per household. Therefore, one of the objectives of smart cities in Spain is to put an end to traffic and parking problems.

It is obvious that traffic jams waste our time and, on many occasions, our patience. But these are not the only drawbacks of this traffic problem. So will environmental pollution, since 28% of harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere come from motor vehicles. We are not only trying to solve urban mobility problems, we are also trying to make our cities more sustainable. Today, the application of artificial intelligence is proving to be essential to put an end to traffic jams and their consequences.

For some time now, many towns and cities have been joining the bandwagon of using fast and efficient public transport. The idea is to create an attractive offer that allows the mobility of citizens, enabling them to reach any point in the locality quickly and economically. In this way, they could consider the option of leaving their cars at home and freeing the streets of traffic. However, projects to build a smart city are working on better systems to control the flow of cars.

There is already technology capable of analysing traffic, systems that provide us with the necessary information to be able to implement other software that allows us to improve mobility. We are talking about devices that make it possible to know the flow of vehicles in a given area and the average time they spend stopped at traffic lights.

At Dinycon we know that anything is possible, you just have to think about it and design the best system for each specific case. Our company has been working for years on the creation of cutting-edge technology to turn any municipality into a modern, avant-garde smart city on a par with the major European cities.