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A Coruña, a city free of traffic jams thanks to Dinycon technology

We finish the course at Dinycon Sistemas sharing again one of the projects with which we have learned the most during this course:

Optimisation and improvement of traffic management in A Coruña, through intelligent cameras integrated into the Smart City platform of the Galician capital.

“We have put the latest technology at the service of the city to make life easier for the people of A Coruña and to achieve a more efficient management for the municipal authorities”, says Roberto García, manager of Dinycon Sistemas and responsible for the project.

We won the project in a joint venture with other leading companies. The aim has always been to optimise traffic in the city, avoiding congestion, especially in the most critical areas of A Coruña.

To this end, real-time information on traffic conditions has been provided and alternative routes to the busiest ones have been proposed, as well as information on the nearest public transport. In addition to improving traffic, we have managed to improve air quality, save energy and promote public transport. In short, we have sought to improve the quality of life for everyone. Now we hope to put what we have learned into practice in a new project.