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Parking in Irun is no longer a problem

The DinyPARK solution and the attractiveness of the interactive panels installed in the city will improve the experience of citizens and visitors when it comes to finding parking, leisure and cultural offers.

In order to facilitate access to the different car parks for visitors and free up surface parking spaces, Irun Town Council wanted to implement the Smartparking concept. To this end, they published a call for tenders for the replacement of the car park information panels with new ones.

After fulfilling all the requirements, we have proceeded to integrate the following car parks into the DinyPARK solution:

  • Parking San Juan.
  • Parking Colón.
  • Parking Mendibil.
  • Parking Pío XII.
  • Parking of the Station.

The panels installed will show users information on free spaces, whether the car park is full, whether it is closed, how far away it is, the direction to go to get there, etc., in order to ensure the satisfaction of visitors and citizens who approach or drive around the city with their vehicles.

In the same tender, the replacement of the multimedia screens with new LED screens was requested, which should have the optimum characteristics to show all the information about events (theatres, competitions, concerts...) and to be able to show videos, advertisements, photographs...

These panels will be located where the previous ones were:

  • San Juan Square (entrance to the square).
  • Luis Mariano 1 (at the end of the square).
  • Luis Mariano 2 (at the beginning of the square, entering from Avenida de Gipuzkoa).
  • Palmera de Montero.
  • Txanela Square.

All this new infrastructure for displaying information will bring the following benefits to citizens and visitors:

  • Reduced time spent by visitors to find parking.
  • Reducing residents stress about not being able to find surface parking.
  • Reduced fuel consumption in both cases.
  • Disminución del ruido y la contaminación en ambos casos.
  • Noise and pollution reduction in both cases.
  • By guiding users to the different car parks in the city, their mobility experience in the city will be considerably improved.
  • Estarán informados de todos los acontecimientos (culturales, sociales, de ocio…) que vayan a tener lugar en la ciudad.
  • They will be informed of all the events (cultural, social, leisure...) that are going to take place in the city.