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Advantages of using event management software in event organisation

In the age of the Internet, there are still many companies dedicated to the organisation of events that use traditional methods both for this task and for the management of the event. You"ve probably seen the long paper guest lists where the arrival of all the attendees is recorded. In our experience in the development of software for event management, we are convinced that these companies are not yet aware of the many benefits of this type of system, so we are going to address them in this post.

Another traditional custom is the customary cocktail party or lunch that serves as a model for improvised networking. During this time, guests seek to break the ice, approach other guests and engage in conversation that can lead to long-lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships.

Fortunately, new technologies have evolved significantly over time and allow us to develop new tools that provide important advantages for corporations that decide to use them. One of the most important is that this type of software helps to minimise event costs. They not only save money, but also a lot of time. But perhaps the most important thing is that these applications improve the user experience, increasing the level of satisfaction among the guests.

In short, these applications make it easier to have everything under control during the organisation and management of the event. At Dinycon we have a people counting system, which will help you to control the capacity of the event, you may also be interested in our tracking tool for the attendees of the meeting. Of course, these are measures that will help you to control key aspects autonomously, so that the time you save on these tasks can be spent on other more relevant issues in the development of the meeting.

These tools can help you in many different ways. You will be able to monitor all the data in real time, get heat maps that will help you to know which activities, presentations or stands are the most visited. They will also allow you to register recurring visits and collect much more information that will help you to improve the format. Information is key in this type of work. Add management tools for your events and you will have amazing results.