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Is my city interesting for tourists?

The same question has been asked by San Sebastian Tourism. How to know if the offer presented by the city is to the liking and quality of the visitor.

The thermometer where this concern is measured and the first place visitors flock to for information is the tourist offices.


Dinycon Sistemas has provided an innovative and pioneering solution with which to measure the impact of tourist offices. By means of DinyCONT,- counting and control system of affluence and tracking- it is provided the information in real time, not only of the people who enter and leave the tourist offices distributed all over the city, but also to know how many people stop in front of the map of the city exposed in the outside of the office or even to know, how many people are getting the hand map from the vending machine located in the outside. In addition to all this information, it is also possible to obtain data on the number of people passing through the street where the office is located.

With all these data, it is possible to draw a real scenario of the operation of the tourist offices and to be able to adapt them to the needs of the visitor.

Dinycon Sistemas, always at the forefront of innovation in the tourism sector, advances step by step in its consolidation as a supplier of innovative technology for the tourism sector.