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How can people tracking benefit your business strategy?

Applying cutting-edge technologies with organic integration can open up great opportunities to exploit the potential of statistics in all kinds of domains. At the commercial level, from an automatic people counting system, a dizzying evolution has taken place to the ability to measure and analyse numerous variables on the flow of people in a space.

Tracking these movements is known as people tracking. The development achieved today offers a wide range of possibilities for companies in the retail sector to better understand the behaviour of their customers and, consequently, to optimise the experience they offer them in their premises.

In this way, tracking provides access to useful data on which to base various aspects of the marketing strategy of a shop, all in an automated way, with no visual impact and without interfering with the day-to-day life of customers and employees. But what are some of these beneficial applications?

  • Use of space: tools such as heat maps make it possible to understand which areas of a commercial area attract the most attention and traffic from the public, in order to adapt the spatial distribution or to have an asset with which to promote the desired products.
  • Dates and time slots: based on a long-term study of footfall at different times and times of year, a number of beneficial measures can be taken, from optimising staff schedules to launching initiatives to boost off-peak periods or slots.
  • Dwell time: the concept of "engagement" has become highly relevant in today"s hyper-competitive environment. By knowing how much time people spend in-store, as well as how they spend that time, it is possible to better understand their satisfaction with the shopping experience and improve it accordingly.

Dinycon capacity for innovation and development in mobility technologies has enabled us to develop a range of solutions that make the most of the possibilities of tracking for analysing customer behaviour. Combining WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS technologies to achieve the precision required, DinyCONT brings together functionalities ranging from automatic people counting and real-time flow monitoring to the generation of in-depth traffic statistics.