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Smart Cities in Spain: small and large-scale solutions

It would seem that when we talk about the smart city phenomenon in Spain, we are only referring to large projects that are executed at the same time in the dozens of neighbourhoods that together create a given city. The truth is that the process is precisely the other way around. The future of smart cities lies in encouraging the use of technologies on a small scale, in different sectors and in companies of all sizes. Each of these projects will gradually spread to others in the same neighbourhood. And only in this way, little by little, will smart cities be built.

Therefore, companies should be concerned about incorporating geolocation and geomarketing techniques and systems now. Regardless of size, regardless of sector. The solutions are endless and can be applied on a local economy scale. For example, those offered in terms of parking space management that let users know where to park without wasting time searching and allow the business to improve its margins thanks to those minutes saved on free spaces.

This is just one of many proposals being implemented today. In the future, the ideas being worked on will make it possible to reserve the preferred table in a restaurant knowing in real time if it is free, to discover the cheapest individual transport options in real time due to low demand in that time slot, or even to plan the different processes of a project with the team completely remotely.


If you want to know how smart management applied to business ideas can help your company, contact us now. We have the customised solution you need.