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What is Geomarketing and what are its benefits?

As experts, among other things, in the development of tools that facilitate queue management, we would like to talk in this post about a key concept in the current panorama: geomarketing. In the following lines we will see what it consists of, what its benefits are or what kind of companies use it through our APP.

The first thing is to be clear about what we are talking about. Geomarketing is a tool used to analyse business situations through the location of customers. It is also used to know the exact location of points of sale, branches or where the competition is.

Uses of geomarketing

The main companies using geomarketing are mobile phone companies and associated providers as they have access to location data via handsets and smartphones. However, other companies are also using geomarketing as consumers increasingly shop or search for information via mobile phones. In many cases, the user accesses a website with GPS enabled and thus reveals where in the world he or she is. Shoppers also transmit their location via router IP addresses. At Dinycon we insist that all this information is key for companies to adapt to customer needs. For example, adapting the language of the website when the location of a certain user is localised or reinforcing marketing campaigns in the territories where there are more potential consumers. In other words, geomarketing makes it possible to know the areas of greatest acceptance of a certain business, to know at what times and in what areas it is most convenient to carry out advertising campaigns or what kind of products consumers demand depending on where they come from. Bearing in mind that more and more people are using their mobile phones to shop, it is understandable that brands are investing more in geomarketing campaigns focused on mobile phone users. In short, geomarketing allows us to better understand the markets, knowing in which areas our campaigns will have the greatest impact. Because thanks to geomarketing it is easier to locate points of sale, branches and even the location of the competition.