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Dinycon at the Battle of Roosters 2017

A new Spanish edition of the Battle of the Roosters took place this May, where the best freestylers in the world faced each other in two semi-finals. One in Barcelona and the other in Malaga.

The first event took place on the 13th, at the Auditori Gran del Parc del Fòrum, in Barcelona. We experienced it first-hand, as the municipal company BSM asked us to install our capacity control system to count the number of people who came to the venue.

This tool is ideal for controlling the number of people attending an event and their behaviour within the spaces where the event is to take place. It is equally valid for both indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the main advantages of using DinyCONT is that it allows the event organisers to optimise their resources.

The benefits of this type of technology for events are many. Especially if we take into account that it offers centralised monitoring of data in real time. In addition, it is a highly accurate system, reaching 95% accuracy. One very useful piece of information is the heat maps of the concentration of people, as they allow action to be taken to avoid overcrowding. The most relevant information at any given moment can be accessed simply from a smartphone.

Maintaining security at large events is much easier with all this information. The organisation can optimise its spaces or make a better distribution according to the most attractive areas. At Dinycon we have this and many other tools that will help you organise any show so that everything goes according to plan.

The battle was a great success, with 64 participants selected from among 3,000 applicants. Some of them were very well known in this world, such as Eude, Kensuke or Invert. In particular, the latter was the winner of the World Cup in 2014. The beginnings of this type of duel date back to 2005. In fact, this year marks its eleventh edition and everything seems to indicate that the grand final will be held in Madrid in September. Old acquaintances and new voices have come together in these battles, hoping to make a name for themselves in this musical style.