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Dinycon participates in the Hazitek project - ECOPOOL

Dinycon Sistemas SL participates in an innovative competitive industrial research project aimed at the development of new products.

Hazitek 2018-2020 Competitive in Cooperation, with the participation of two companies and two centres of the Basque Science and Technology Network.

The ECOPOOL project is led by the company GIROA S.A.U., which is part of the VEOLIA business group, with the participation of the company DINYCON SISTEMAS.

Two centres participate as Basque Science and Technology Network Centres (RVCT): TEKNIKER and GAIKER FOUNDATION.

The consortium thus formed by the two companies and the two centres of the RVCT, form a highly complementary and multidisciplinary group with extensive experience, which will enable the creation of synergies between them and the increase of knowledge and which will guarantee the achievement of the different objectives set out in ECOPOOL and, consequently, the success in achieving the main objectives of the project:

  • Development of a software for the counting of swimming pool users based on artificial vision technology.
  • Development of an automated inspection system for the swimming pool basin, which provides data and statistics on the duration of bathing of the users, as well as the occupation of the pool.
  • A study of the correlation between the number of users in the pool at any given time and the water pollution at that time, as well as energy consumption, in order to make efficient use of resources.

The project will develop and validate the software on a laboratory scale, then on a real level in a swimming pool, integrating it with the Escada control and monitoring system.

All this will result in the creation of a new line of business thanks to the development of the new product, with the consequent creation of new jobs in the Basque Country, both direct and indirect, derived from the increase in the competitiveness of the companies participating in the project, as well as in the diversification and increase in the competitiveness of the companies that implement the new system developed.

The project stimulates the generation of original knowledge that will materialise in the development of patentable technologies.