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Shopping Centers and Retail

Large and medium-sized stores, Chain stores, Retailers .....

Advantages and benefits of our solutions

  • Statistical data on traffic, by accesses, time slots, days of the week: allows to evaluate the different areas of the commercial area, depending on the traffic

  • Detection of the number of people in queues: allows you to react quickly to an uncomfortable situation for the customer and put the necessary resources to correct it.

  • Real-time affluence: measuring the impact of marketing campaigns or any other action, comparing this new data with the previous ones.

  • Historical data: obtaining behavioral patterns and generating predictive models

  • Attractiveness of the shop window: we know the number of people who stop, how long they stay and whether they enter the establishment.

  • Most common routes: allows us to know mobility patterns

  • Repeat users and repeat frequency: helps us to build customer loyalty

  • Inflow prediction: allows us to adjust resources to this prediction, optimizing them and improving services.

Measure and optimize the flow of people

One of the benefits of people counting and people tracking systems is that they allow access to a large amount of information about visitors to the commercial space; it is possible to know the number of visitors at the current moment, which areas are the most visited or try to divert the flow to other less crowded areas. In addition, we can also know at what times there is a lower influx, and create campaigns that attract a greater number of public; we can optimize our resources.

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You will be able to know the number of visitors in real time and historically.


Average length of stay in the establishment

Itineraries and Most Frequent Routes

Get information about the distribution in the spaces and the most frequent routes.

Free spaces in parking lots

Access to the parking lot with information on free spaces

Measuring the impact of commercial actions

Access to key data and trade flow indicators



Great Plaza Commercial Park

Great Plaza Commercial Park





People counting. La Morea Shopping Center and FNAC (Navarra)

Counting and internal transit in Mendibil shopping mall

Affluence in the IF Perfumeries network nationwide

Control of the influx and permanence of customers in the store network.