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All that a tracking system can bring to a shopping centre

The future has already arrived in cities thanks to innovative counting and tracking solutions for people and vehicles. Smart shopping centres can be one of the first steps towards creating smart cities in Spain by applying this type of innovation based on information and communication technologies. Businesses and establishments in shopping centres can thus benefit from multiple advantages and gather knowledge that until recently was very difficult to obtain. That is why, below, we explain how tracking systems can help a shopping centre.

People counting and tracking

Thanks to the installation of a people counting system, shopping centres will be able to know in real time the number of visitors according to days or time slots. In this way, resources could be better managed. In addition, it is also possible to know what the impact of marketing campaigns has been on footfall, or whether a shop window is attractive, as this system can measure the number of people in front of it, as well as the time they spend in the place.

Another advantage is to be able to improve service in order to avoid queues at the checkout, since, when this happens, it can be measured in real time. Not only that, but people counting also makes it possible to evaluate commercial establishments according to the flow of people passing in front of them.

With the installation of a tracking system, it is possible to know the behaviour of people within an establishment and where they move, as heat maps are obtained with which to know the points that have a greater attraction, as well as to measure the impact of the distribution of products or exhibitors in the space.

Vehicle counting and tracking

Vehicles entering and leaving the shopping centre can also be controlled in real time thanks to counting and tracking systems such as those we offer at Dinycon. In this sense, things are made much easier by being able to let customers know which spaces are available in the car park, and even indicate the areas that are most uncongested for easier parking.