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What are the queues like before a concert?

In summer the number of concerts and outdoor events multiplies. The days are longer, the temperature is warmer and we want to make plans to enjoy the summer months. When it comes to attending the concert of our favourite band or singer, we want to see them in the best possible way. In fact, for years we have been seeing queues forming to be in the front row. In our company we have developed an application for queue management, so we tell you everything you should know about how people organise themselves in the run-up to a concert.

We cannot help it, we are capable of queuing for days to get tickets for an important football match or the concert of a band that really makes us vibrate. We will do it whenever possible, because we often have obligations that prevent us from doing so. Teenagers, for example, have more free time and it is common to see them camping out in the vicinity of the concert to get a closer look at the artists they admire so much.

A few days before the event, many young people prepare an action protocol. They study the venue, the access gates and locate the one that allows them to get to their goal first: the front row. When they have all the information, they organise a plan, several friends take turns queuing for days so that they do not die during the long wait, the aim is to be among the first to get to where they want to be.

The day of the event dawns and all the members of the group show up in the area first thing in the morning, there is nothing left. They may have been waiting for months for the day, so a days queue will be about five minutes. They are well organised, they may have separated themselves by positioning themselves at all the access gates. They communicate all the time, so if they open one gate before another they will know right away.

To help them cope with the wait, they bring drinks and food. They also often have board games to share. This makes the time pass more quickly. The main problem comes when the doors open and everyone rushes to get to the desired place first.

When organising an event of this type, it is important to know how to manage queues in the best possible way, as this is the only way to avoid collapses and other issues that could cause security problems. For all these reasons, Dinycon has developed a programme that allows us to rationalise the queuing system, improving fluidity and security control.