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Smart Parking in Guadalajara

Throughout its history, Guadalajara has been a city that has been negatively affected by the different economic, social, political and military circumstances that have surrounded it.

From 1962 onwards, it began to become Madrid main transport hub and an important industrial centre.

Since 2000, with the improvement of infrastructures and the consolidation of the Corredor de Henares as the logistics hub of the peninsular centre, it has been undergoing a process of urban transformation as part of the Sustainable Urban Development Plan Strategy, co-financed by the European Union.

To carry out this transformation, they have relied on us for the implementation of the parking solutions.

The following actions have been carried out in this project:

  • Sensors have been placed in a surface car park.
  • Spires have been placed in two surface car parks.
  • Three underground car parks have been integrated into the DinyPARK solution.
  • Nine multimedia panels have been installed in the city.

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For the public administration, the integration of the city"s car parks into a single solution means being able to know which are most used, redirecting the user to other (deterrent) car parks and offering this information on multimedia panels.

The information collected by all the devices installed in the car parks is shown on the information panels to the end user, which helps to optimise the mobility of visitors and citizens as they will be able to decide which car park to go to depending on free spaces, the proximity of the car park, etc. Thus, a better user experience is offered when looking for parking in the city: they feel less time wasted, they save fuel by not spending so much time driving the vehicle,...

All these Smartparking elements reduce unnecessary traffic in the city and reduce noise and pollution in the city.

During the presentation of yesterday 22 February, the Mayor of Guadalajara, Antonio Román, explained that: “the installation of this solution is determined by the objective we have set ourselves to improve mobility in the city.”.